Community Associations Institute Presents “Community Law Day” Workshop for HOA Board Members – Saturday, September 16, 8AM-2PM

This 8th annual workshop helps community association board members from across NC to enact best practices and more fully understand the laws that apply to HOAs and condominium associations.

Volunteer leaders are entrusted with responsibility for the legal and financial well-being of common-interest communities. The NC chapter of CAI offers this annual event to help them carry out these responsibilities with greater knowledge and confidence.

Attorneys based all over North Carolina offer topics for both seasoned and less experienced attendees:

  • Architectural Design Review
  • Association Records & Voting
  • State/Federal Case Law Update
  • Competing Interests — Animals and HOAs
  • Contracts Review
  • Creating and Abiding by Appropriate Collection Procedures
  • Developer Transitions & Dealing With Building Defects
  • FCC Satellite & Antenna Review; Short Wave Radios; Cable & Internet Issues
  • FHA/ADA Compliance
  • How to Be An Effective Board Member
  • Maintenance/Insurance in Multi-Family Housing
  • My Neighbor Stinks! How to Deal with Nuisance Complaints and Difficult People
  • Rental Restrictions and Airbnb
  • Rules Are For Other People, Right? alternative remedies for CC&R enforcement
  • Social Media Issues
  • Safety & Security- Police agencies, Security firms and Community Manager Roles

Registration includes all sessions, slide presentations post-event, breakfast and lunch, free parking.  

 When: Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017 – 8 AM- 2 PM

Where: The Harris Conference Center, 3216 CPCC Harris Campus Dr., Charlotte, NC

Cost: $80 with individual CAI membership; $99 all others

CAI (Community Associations Institute) is an international non-profit organization providing education, resources and advocacy for the volunteers who govern residential communities and the professionals who support them.

Author: Mike Hunter
Articles have been Reprinted with permission from the charlotte observer and Mike Hunter.

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