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Pool Rules – A Confusing World

jim_slaughterWith warmer weather, we’re getting our usual barrage of pool questions. Many deal with appropriate pool rules and pool signs. Without question, pool issues are one of the more confusing areas of our practice in that there are few absolutes. That’s particularly the case when it comes...
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What Goes Up … Must Break Down

ElevatorElevators may be the most complicated and expensive asset in your building. Fix your contract, know the basics and minimize legal risks before your community finds itself out of order. The passenger elevators in a 90-year-old, 62-unit, 16-story condominium complex in Chicago were so small and vintage...
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What’s In, What’s Out

HOA AmenitiesForget gates and golf. Today's homeowners and buyers want something else. Adapt your amenities and community events or get left behind. In the not too distant past, simply having a gatehouse, golf course and swimming pool were a sure-fire way for a community association to attract...
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How To Stop Pass Sharing at Your HOA Pool

Why 20100807_7727is my pool so crowded?  Who are all these people at the pool?  Those teenagers don’t live in the community.  Why isn’t the pool collecting any guest money? Does this sound like you? Believe it or not, some communities embrace this culture.  After all, it is a community...
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