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Ahead of the Game

Most of us like to view ourselves as upright citizens.  We pull over for ambulances and leave the handicapped parking spots for people who really need them.  We can’t imagine ourselves doing anything that might harm our friends or neighbors.  We know right from wrong.  But can we be so sure?  While it’s easy to see that stealing is wrong (and we have laws to enforce that), community association volunteers are far more likely to encounter smaller-scale ethical situations where there are no clear cut answers.  These everyday circumstances and events test their knowledge of community association ins and outs as much as their moral compasses and are usually grayer than black or white.

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Saving your Sanity: Developing a Communications Policy and Protecting the Association

One of the best things a homeowner’s association board can do to protect the associations from liability and restore sanity to volunteer service is to develop a comprehensive communications policy that limits what Board members and committee members can say when they are speaking (or e-mailing) in their in individual capacity.  I have served on three separate homeowners association boards.  As an attorney. I also represent homeowners associations in my practice.  It is with this experience in mind that I offer the proposal and suggestions that are set out in this article.  It is my hope that this article, which contains a mix of legal and practical advice, will help you restore sanity to your volunteer service on the Board of Directors.

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Lead the Way

What makes a good leader?  That’s hard to say.  Certainly, Community association Board presidents need to be organized.  They have to be willing to sacrifice some of their free time for Board business.  But they also must be able to move others to work toward a common goal – for free, of course.  For that, they need passion and vision.

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