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On the Board

HOA Board Meeting Resources and ServicesCommunity association meetings can be productive, efficient and standing room-only. The secret? Planning. Both monthly board meetings and annual member meetings tend to be loosely thought out and implemented by the seat of the pants. What happens before a meeting is often...
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What Does Our Management Company Do?

HOA Management CompanyHomeowners receive non-compliance notices from the management company. Homeowners send our assessment checks to the management company. Homeowners report common area maintenance problems to the management company. So, the management company makes all of the important decisions regarding our community, right? WRONG! The management function of a...
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Committed to Success

Committee MembersGive committees well-defined missions and trust them to do their jobs. You might just find they'll take budgeting, design review, landscaping and more off the board's plate. The Crossings at Haddon Hall Condominium Association in Apex, N.C., employs a committee it calls, for the lack of...
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