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Should Your HOA Manage Itself or Hire a Professional Manager?

Does your community need a professional HOA manager or can volunteers handle the load?
Homes that are part of a HOA

If your community doesn’t want a professional organization to handle all the HOA duties, it’s possible to split the work between professionals and home owner volunteers.

Although the size of your home owners association factors into the hire-a-pro-HOA-manager vs. run-it-with-volunteers decision, it’s not always the deciding piece of the puzzle, say property managers. Some small communities have professional help, and some large ones run well without a manager.

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Benefits of a Self-Managed HOA

Self-managed HOA’s are becoming more prevalent among community organizations due to the power inherent in their structure. Using a self-managed HOA as opposed to more traditional HOA arrangements can lower the operational costs of a homeowner’s association board and staff while lending more authority to the voices of the community residents. A self-managed HOA can handle all of the responsibilities from property management to legal issues, keeping items transparent and accessible to necessary personnel within the community and the standing homeowner’s association. The benefits of a self-managed HOA differ from those of a traditional arrangement in a number of ways, most of which are to the advantage of the budget and the community awareness of HOA policies and procedures.

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