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Running Effective Meetings with Disruptive Owners

One of the most challenging situations that may confront your board during a meeting is handling very disruptive audience members.  For example, what if an owner with strong opinions who’s known for being very outspoken, starts yelling during the meeting?  Fortunately, this kind of disruption is very rare during a well-planned, well-organized and well-run meeting.  So, the key is advanced planning to handle the worst situation that may arise.

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When Residents Attack

Your condo board has just approved a large special assessment to finance the replacement of an aging heating and cooling system, and your owners are not pleased. But one owner in particular is infuriated by the decision. He shouts obscenities at the board during the meeting and continues to hurl insults at the board president after the session ends, blocking the door as the president tries to leave the room. He repeats those insults every time he sees the president, and bombards the board with unflattering e-mails. Four months later, these verbal assaults continue.

Is this just exceptionally boorish behavior, which the board should ignore? Or do this angry owner’s actions constitute harassment, which you can and should take steps to address?

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