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The Top Traits of Great and Effective Boards of Directors

Julie AdamenOver the past 23 years, I have worked with many, many Boards of Directors: As a manager, as a consultant, and as a member of the Board. And as we all – managers and Board members alike – know, some Boards are just better than others at administrating their community and effectively achieving their goals and objectives (their agenda) with grace, dignity, professionalism and humor. These Boards are a pleasure with which to work or on which to serve.

So, what differentiates a Great Board from just an ok Board? Great Boards develop, maintain and value their credibility and their integrity. And they continually display, individually and as a group, the following traits:

Great Boards focus on macro-issues.  Boards should be spending their time continually reviewing and refining the Big Picture (Vision Statement) for the community. To do that effectively, the Board must have a Mission Statement and then set clear policy for all aspects of community administration – and stand back and observe if that policy is being carried out through management and on down to the vendors and the community at large. For example, the Board may set a policy of “continual esthetically pleasing landscape conditions within budgeted figures.” This is a broad statement which gives management direction and authority to carry out that policy administratively and financially. The Board who adopts this type of stance does not worry itself with the exact number of flats of flowers, or their color, nor how they are planted. Esthetically pleasing? Within budget? THAT is what a macro-focused Board thinks about.

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