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‘Parking’ What’s the big deal?

There’s been a lot of talk about parking on the streets lately, so what’s the big deal? Imagine someone has broken into your home, you’re afraid, alone, and waiting for the police to arrive. Tonight, EVERYONE has decided to park their vehicles on the street, not only on your side of the street, but both sides of the street. The police are coming but it takes them a few more minutes to get to your home because they have to navigate around the cars.

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MD: Condo residents angry over towed cars

News items of national interest regarding Condominium and Homeowner associations, compiled by the Community Associations Network

Stanley Karloff, a grocery store worker and retired minister, walked out of his Pasadena condominium earlier this month and was startled to find that his 2007 Dodge Caravan minivan was missing.
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