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Associations Using CPA’s: Is it Really Necessary?

Although homeowner associations are created as nonprofit corporations, this does not mean the associations do not engage in financial transactions or require the services of a certified public accountant (CPA). For example, it is common for an association’s governing documents to require a financial audit or review on an annual basis, and associations are required to file tax returns every year. Further examples of situations in which it may be beneficial to consult a CPA include:

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Shutting Down Frequent, Unruly HOA Guests

Maybe one of your residents is dating someone who’s so loud that the neighbors are complaining. Or maybe a regular guest consistently parks in owners’ approved spots. Or maybe you have a problem like that of an association client of Kristen L. Rosenbeck, a partner at the Mulcahy Law Firm PC in Phoenix. “I represent a high-rise association that’s…

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Greensboro NC Company Investigated for Embezzlement

According to Detective Bruscino, Jr. with the Greensboro Police Department, authorities are investigating the alleged embezzlement of HOA funds from a Greensboro, NC Property Management Company

David McKinney, Angela B. Mckinney and Julie E. Combs-Kennet, McKinney Management Services, Inc of Greensboro (http://mckinneymanagement.com/) and ABM Management Co, Inc are currently the subject of a police investigation surrounding the aleged embezzlement of Homeowners Association and Condominium Association Funds in Greensboro, NC.   

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