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The Right to Dry

The Right to Dry: Using Clotheslines in Community Associations

In recent months, articles in numerous publications – including Time, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times – have examined a growing environmental movement that has been dubbed “The Right to Dry”, namely, the right to utilize clotheslines and air-drying in community associations. Individuals and advocacy groups are taking sides – lining up over clotheslines, if you will – regarding the rights of residents to use clotheslines to dry clothes versus the rights of associations to ban or restrict such conduct.

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Holly Smith feels sneaky.  Maybe it’s because so many FBI and other government investigators live in her Virginia neighborhood near Washington DC.

Behind her suburban home, near the trees and across from other tract dwellings, she hides a device resembling a pipe that stands in her back yard.  She’s so worried about being discovered that she doesn’t want her real name used for this article.

She fears her neighbors might get a glimpse of what she is doing – hanging her clothes outside to dry.

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