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Keeping the Peace

We have all been to one of those meetings – the ones where the association is facing a controversial issue with strong emotions on each side.  The board and manager are usually anxious about how to handle the meeting, the competing arguments, and the emotions in the room.  This can be a difficult role for the person chairing the meeting, especially if that person is (or is perceived to be) on one side or the other. So, what is the board or manager to do?

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Regulatory Alert – FHFA Regulation Sample Comment


On February 8, 2011, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking directing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Home Loan Bank System to regulate transfer fees paid to community associations. FHFA requests comment and opinions on its proposed rule.  This revised draft includes many of the changes CAI and its members requested. While the revised FHFA draft will allow community associations to continue to use deed-based transfer fees to fund association operations, FHFA is seeking to limit how associations use the funding raised by such fees. You can view our updated FAQ at this link.

We need your help to submit comments from your company, association or firm. CAI members’ strong reaction on the first set of comments was critical in convincing FHFA to revise their draft language to allow community association transfer fees. Your efforts in submitting another comment letter will help us ensure that we can protect association finances as FHFA finalizes its rule. 

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YouTwitFace-Social Media and HOA’s

YouTwitFace – Social Media and How it Relates to Your Homeowners Association

What do you get when you put “YouTube,” “Twitter,” and “Facebook” together? YouTwitFace. That may be a running joke in my household, but six or seven years ago uttering the phrase “friend me” or “follow me” would likely produce a bunch of blank stares.  Now, friend requests on Facebook and follow me requests on Twitter are commonplace.  Communication methods have expanded beyond the telephone, the letter, the fax, and even the email to an entirely new level of conversation through what is called social media.(Read whole news on source site)

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Announcing the release of our online ARC Approval System!

 In an effort to better serve your homeowners and avoid lingering Architectural requests, we have created a new system to better track and decision Architectural requests for your community.


Each committee member may now go to your association’s website and review the request at their leisure.  Once they have reviewed the request, they may enter notes, comments or questions on the request.  An e-mail update will be sent to all ARC committee members to notify them of your input.  Each Member can also view the recommendation from your property manager and committee member notes about the request from the website as they review the request and add their own comments.

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