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Loose Lips Sink Ships:

What can Directors say when there is a Claim or Lawsuit?

Many Directors have questions about what they can say and who they can speak to about a claim or actual lawsuit. They understand there is a fine line be­tween preserving the confidentiality that such actions require while maintaining the “open book” nature of associations and do not want to inadver­tently cross it. While not all inclusive, what follows is a guide of who the Directors can speak to and what they can say.

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Commit to Communication

There is more than a verbal tie between the words common, community and communication.” When philosopher and educator John Dewey wrote this, I doubt he had common-interest communities in mind, but perhaps nowhere is his observation more appropriate. Good communication promotes informed decision making and educates residents-two elements association’s success. In fact, my guess is that just about any problem in a community association can be traced to a complete or partial lack of communication. 

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Questions to ask your next community association management firm

You’ve had the debates and the discussions, examining your management requirements from every angle, and all it comes down to the fact that you need professional help. Instead of going it alone, you know that bringing in a reputable community association management firm is important. Bringing in committed professionals to run day-to-day operations while adhering to your board’s bigger vision can be a terrific move, and bringing in the right HOA or condo association management firm is critical.

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