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NV: City of Las Vegas explores walkability options for area around The Lakes

On July 26, the city of Las Vegas and Ward 2 Councilman Steve Wolfson held an informational meeting at Peccole Ranch to take input from residents on proposed changes to streets in The Lakes, Peccole, Canyon Gate and Section 7 communities, to make them more walkable, i.e., walker-friendly. According to Homeowners Association membership records from…

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Getting Out The Vote

Door Prizes, Proxies Are Used to Boost Annual Elections

While the election format in a condominium community is pretty much the same as  for any other club or organization, property managers and board members are  looking to make the process easier and increase unit owner participation. Unit  owner participation, in particular, can be a challenge as some condos find it  hard to get enough members for a quorum at their annual meetings.  

 To combat low attendance, some community associations are using raffles, or  offering prizes –drawing names from returned ballots at the annual meeting, or combining the  meeting with a cookout or other social event. Other communities with low  attendance are trying to increase proxy voting. And the use of online voting is  definitely trending upward as more business is conducted by computer.  

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Foreclosures – A Rocky Road

The HOUSING CRISIS has been a turbulent ride, as we enter year four, experts predict we may hit rock bottom. That’d be welcome news for homeowners and associations alike. Though the economy has challenged association budgets, many communities have shown the ability to persevere.  Foreclosure


In hard-hit Florida, one Boca Raton association fares better than most thanks to good luck and a few smart changes. Boca Pointe Community Association, a 30-year-old, 1,000-acre mega-association, can thank its many longstanding residents who have either paid off their mortgages or refinanced prior to the boom of bad loans for a lower foreclosure rate than the 9.54 percent national average. 


Meridiana, one of Boca Pointe’s 28 independently run villages, boasts around a 3 percent rate for its 174 townhouses.  The association became proactive in dealing with foreclosures. It began initiatives like slightly increasing assessments, creating a bad debt reserve, becoming more aggressive in collection efforts and even renting out a foreclosed home to help cover costs. Despite those changes, the community manages to provide the same standard of living of more prosperous times.

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