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How to decipher HOA pet rules

Mike HunterQ: I own a home that is governed by the N.C. Condominium Act. In the recorded Declaration of Condominium, there is a specific section regarding animals. It prohibits commercial breeding and exotic animals, but specifically allows common household pets “including but not limited to dogs, cats, canaries, parakeets, etc.” After I bought my home, the HOA supplemented its rules and regulations to change the language in the recorded covenants to allow only two cats or two dogs and no more than four pets total. I am now renting the home and I have been told that my tenant, who has three dogs, is in violation. The dogs are small, each under 8 pounds, and they have not caused a safety issue for other residents. I always thought that rights afforded in recorded covenants could not be restricted by changes in the rules and regulations. Is this not correct?

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Must an HOA allow therapy dogs and handicap ramps?


In this week’s column, I am addressing questions from two readers that relate to accommodations for disabled persons:
Question 1: We have an owner who has requested that he be allowed to construct a handicap ramp on the front of his home. There is nothing in our CCRs or in our Rules & Regulations that allows or prohibits such structures. However, all owners must obtain approval of the ARC (architectural review committee) prior to construction on any homesite.

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