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4 Tips to Get Top Service from Your HOA Management Company

 “The better the relationship between a homeowners association and its management company, the happier everybody will be,” says Andrew Ginsburg, regional vice president at The Lynd Co. in Miami, FL, who’s worked with more than 20 homeowners associations.

Easier said than done, you might say. Here are tips for making those words ring true at your association.

1. Know what you’re paying for.

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Cleaning Your Driveway Shouldn’t Be A Chore

For a first time home owner you may be surprised at the amount of “threatening letters” the HOA will begin to send to you for not staying in order with their CCRs’. When the guy that drives around your neighborhood to get pictures of houses that are not in order with the CCRs’ takes a picture of your home because he discovers one oil stain on your driveway or a tree limb hanging out in the road, you could possibly feel a little violated when you recieve a letter with picture of your house on it.

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Rentals Dividing Ownership

Struggling to make ends meet, facing foreclosures and decreased property values, more homeowners are renting out their properties.  They do it to make the mortgage and pay the bills while they wait for property values to regain traction before selling.

There’s no shortage of renters.  Many people-kicked into the street by mortgage foreclosure and unable to afford a home-are looking for a place to get their feet back on solid ground.  Whatever the reason, for homeowners and renters, one thing is certain; homeowners associations are facing the prospect of more renters in their communities.  Rentals are not usually welcomed with open arms, perpetuating the divide between resident owners and investor owners. 

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