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Conducting Meetings

It’s the monthly board meeting, and you’re meeting in the kitchen of the president’s home. The first item on the agenda? Chaos. As the secretary reviews the minutes, Little Jimmy, the president’s three-year-old son, bangs a drum and parades around the table. Older son Joey fights with his sister over the television, which is only slightly louder than an Apollo moon launch. Freida, the treasurer, continually leaves the table to grab doughnuts, while Fred, a homeowner whose voice is actually louder than the TV, lobbies for approval of his Brady Bunch garden gnomes. With each interruption, the discussion strays to new and unrelated topics–when Freida explains the relationship between pet problems and UFO abductions, the president searches for the agenda, which, unfortunately, was eaten by the dog. Finally, after four hours and 16 minutes, the meeting adjourns, due to a lack of additional doughnuts.

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NC Legislative Update

The North Carolina General Assembly will reconvene for the 2010 Session of the 2009 General Assembly (the “Short Session”) at 12:00 noon on Wednesday, May 12, 2010. It is likely that House Bill 762 titled the North Carolina Community Association Managers Licensure Act, which was filed in the 2009 Session, will be considered.

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