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Ten Tips for Better Board Meetings

No one likes a board meeting that runs on forever with no end in sight. This article offers ten tips for controlling board meetings to make sure that you both get the job done, and also do so in an efficient manner.

1. Time is a gift given by volunteer Board members. Cut down...

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Living in a Community Association

Fall is a busy time for Common Interest Developments. Volunteer homeowner Boards return from vacations ready to make decisions before the end of the year. Budgets and Reserve Studies are due to be mailed to the membership before fiscal years that end on December 31. It seems that time accelerates with Halloween coming up, then Thanksgiving and before you know it decorations begin appearing for Christmas. Pools and pool furniture are sometimes refurbished during the down time before spring. Hopefully, roofs have been inspected and repairs made before the winter rains. It is a good time to volunteer to help the Board or to watch what the Board is doing by attending your monthly community association meeting.

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