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Repainting Your HOA’s Parking Lot to Create More Spaces: Pros and Cons

In homeowners associations that are tight on parking, one way to create new spaces is to repaint your parking lines to create smaller, yet more, spaces. But there are pros and cons. For example, you could create more conflicts among owners because of more frequent dings. And is there a possibility your association could be sued for creating spots…

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Association Liability

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Without a doubt, the most common question I am asked as an attorney by my homeowners association clients is “What can we do to protect ourselves from getting sued?” My answer is always the same: “Nothing!” In this era of quick-trigger and frequent litigation, there truly is nothing that an association can do to stop itself from being sued. However, it is important to understand that the clients are asking the wrong question. Instead, they should be asking what the association can do to protect itself from being held liable in a lawsuit.
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