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MD: State: Group meeting may be closed to the public

In response to a complaint by Ocean Pines resident Joe Reynolds, the consumer protection division of the Attorney General’s Office said the Facilities Planning Group created by OPA General Manager Bob Thompson was not a board committee, and therefore was not governed by open meeting rules.

Authors: Community Associations Network National

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Condominium Elections: Democracy, Apathy and Anarc…

Latest articles about condo’s and HOA’s, found on the internet, compiled by the Community Associations Network

Condominiums are truly self-governing communities, reflecting democracy in its purest form. Residents can vote on the issues that directly affect them and have a powerful say in how their communities are governed
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NJ: An affront to history

News items of national interest regarding Condominium and Homeowner associations, compiled by the Community Associations Network

But the fact is that in the name of making it easier to properly maintain its grounds, the association, a gated community of detached homes governed as a condominium association, has obliterated, perhaps forever, a piece of Holmdel’s history
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