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Homeowner Associations and Aging Owners: What HOA Boards Should Know

As the population ages, your home owner association will likely face new challenges. What should your HOA board know about maintaining elderly owners’ rights and privacy if they begin suffering from dementia, physical incapacitation, or inadequate support while preserving the rights of those owners’ neighbors? Here, we provide guidance to help you…

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We Could Never Go Back….

"Our Community has found so many benefits from eManageSuite.  I find that the financial reporting and record keeping especially thorough and helpful. Our Homeowners love that they have choices on how to receive information and submit payments.  I could never go back to operating without these tools and the professional guidance from Community Association Management. ...

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FHA Regulation Update

Community Association Institute Members Meet with FHA to Discuss Condominiums On January 7th 2011, a delegation of CAI members met with policymakers at the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), presenting the agency with practical difficulties condominium associations face when qualifying for FHA’s condominium mortgage insurance program. CAI’s member delegation focused on three problem areas that are preventing homeowners in many condominium associations from using FHA programs: 

Deed Restrictions on Investor-Owned Units & Owner Occupancy Requirements Lease Term Restrictions and Room Occupancy Limits Restrictions on Condominiums with Affordable Housing Units

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Departments of Housing and Urban Development and Justice Release New Guidance on ‘Reasonable Modifications’ Under the Fair Housing Act

New guidance released  this week by the Departments of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Justice (DOJ) reinforced the right of persons with disabilities to make  “reasonable modifications” to their dwellings if a structural change to their dwelling or to a common area of the building or complex in which they  live is needed so that they can fully enjoy the premises. 
     The guidance is designed to help housing providers and homeowners’ associations better understand their obligations and help persons with disabilities better understand their rights regarding the “reasonable
modifications” provision of the federal Fair Housing Act (FHA). 

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