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Finding the Right Attorney


Next to selecting a manager, probably the most important decision an association can make is selecting legal counsel.  The community association field is complex and ever-changing, and boards have a responsibility to find a legal expert with diverse talents and capabilities who will provide the best council for the association.


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Beware Conflicts When You Hire Board Members’ Companies–Part 2

When you recruit people to serve on your HOA board, experts recommend that you look for people–like lawyers and insurance brokers–with expertise that can help you make good decisions.

Can you take that concept a step further and hire those board members or their companies when your association needs help? For example, if one of your board members is an association attorney, can you hire that board member’s firm to represent your association in a legal matter? What about hiring a board member who’s a CPA to file your association’s tax returns?

In this two-article series, we provide a rundown. In Part 1, we discussed the hoops you must go through to hire board members and their companies. Here in Part 2, we discuss whether those hoops are worth the effort.Should You Hire Board Members?

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