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Can we Change our Annual Meeting Date?

By Mike Huntermike_hunter

Attorney Michael Hunter specializes in community and condominium association law for the firm of Horack Talley

Question: Our covenants, conditions and restrictions say that the annual meeting is to be held the first Saturday in October. However our meetings have never been held on that day, due to the fact the board members have never been available that date – even with changing members through the years. Our management company advised that as long as the meeting is held reasonably around that date, and notice is sent properly according to the rules, then the actual date of the meeting doesn’t have to be on the first Saturday of October.

A few homeowners have balked at the Saturday meeting date: They’d rather not waste a Saturday with a HOA meeting. Is the board required to have the meeting on the first Saturday of October, as bylaws require?

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Best Practices for Working with Your HOA Management Company

Unless you’re careful in choosing a management company, you could end up with someone like Jeffrey S. Koger. In November, the 39-year-old Herndon, Va., man pleaded guilty to bilking about $3 million from 400 homeowners associations in Northern Virginia, according to the Washington Post.

As chief financial officer of Koger Management Group in Fairfax, Va., Koger collected association dues from homeowners.

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OR: Troubled shores?

News items of national interest regarding Condominium and Homeowner associations, compiled by the Community Associations Network

Owners of 10 homes in the Sebastian Shores development on the south end of Gold Beach are suing developers and Century 21 Realty for their money back and damages because they say they were not told Hunter Creek could change course and ruin their properties.
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