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Pet Policy Must Allow for Reasonable Accommodations Under Fair Housing Act

Casagmo Condo. Ass’n v. Venegas, No. DBCV094010514S, Conn. Super. Ct., Aug. 31, 2010.

Ms. Venegas purchased a condo unit in the Casagamo Condominium Association in 2008. Before closing, she received the association’s governing documents, which included a regulation prohibiting pets in all units. Shortly after moving in, Ms. Venegas got a…

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Commit to Communication

There is more than a verbal tie between the words common, community and communication.” When philosopher and educator John Dewey wrote this, I doubt he had common-interest communities in mind, but perhaps nowhere is his observation more appropriate. Good communication promotes informed decision making and educates residents-two elements association’s success. In fact, my guess is that just about any problem in a community association can be traced to a complete or partial lack of communication. 

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Consideration of Interest and Inflation in the Reserve Study

Both interest and inflation considerations are important to the calculation of your future reserve requirements.  Unless the association has made a conscious decision to transfer all interest earnings to the operating fund (which is the subject of an entirely different article), it is generally assumed that interest earnings will be retained in the reserve fund.  Likewise, inflation is a factor that will cause the prices you pay for future repairs to be higher than the cost you’re paying presently for those same repairs and replacements.

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