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High Water Bills Can Indicate a Leak

Many HOAs have a problem with water bills that are way too high. Sometimes that is due to poor maintenance, sometimes due to unidentified leaks.  Leaks can cost thousands of dollars a year if allowed to continue, so they need to be discovered and fixed as soon as possible.

The first step toward discovering a leak is to check past water bills. If there is a leak and it happened recently, it will show up in a water bill as a sudden spike in the amount billed, even when the water company hasn’t raised it’s prices. Here are some questions to ask:

Have the bills gone up recently? If yes: 

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Drought-Tolerant Landscaping

Are you being “Smart” in your landscaping?

If you have common area landscaping, your association budget usually has watering and landscape maintenance as two of the higher-budget items. Water is often seen as a “fixed” expense that cannot be controlled, yet it is one of the areas that you can significantly reduce based on your sprinkler systems and type of landscape plantings.

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