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IN: Jury Awards $30.7M In Fatal Accident On Frozen Lake

News items of national interest regarding Condominium and Homeowner associations, compiled by the Community Associations Network

A jury awarded the family $30.7 million in damages. Lawyers for the family argued that the Lake of the Four Seasons Property Owners Association should have posted signs warning people to stay off the ice, which had suddenly begun to melt in the days before the tragedy.
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How Annoying?

When it comes to curtailing disruptive behavior inside and outside your community, don’t underestimate the power of state nuisance laws.

Imagine that your community is located in a quiet part of town, far off the highway and miles from traffic-heavy secondary roads. Then imagine that someone buys the undeveloped land down the street and builds a motocross track. From early morning until dark, bikes roar around the turns and over the jumps, filling your neighborhood—and your residents’ homes—with deafening noise. You assume that the track violates a city or county law, such as a noise or zoning ordinance—only to learn that your local municipality has no statutes that would stop the track. What do you do?

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