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Psychology of Meetings

Do you hate board meetings? If your answer is yes, have you ever asked yourself why? Is it because everyone in attendance is not engaged or maybe you simply do you not care for the discussion topic? Maybe you find yourself spending more time wondering what everyone else is thinking and how that translates into their behavior. The latter is what we refer to as the psychology of meetings. Analyzing who participates in meetings and why, helps us understand how to conduct effective and productive meetings where everyone walks away feeling they have gained something in way of knowledge or perspective.

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Is Your HOA Board Overregulating Rule Violations?

Do your HOA’s board members patrol the grounds with a cautcha-breakin’-the-rules mentality? Here, our experts explain whether boards can be too punctilious, irritating good neighbors and even pushing those owners away from volunteering and participating in HOA governance. We also offer tips on knowing when to mention violations and when to give…

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