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Curmudgeon Cure


Unfortunately, some community associations have curmudgeons – bad-tempered, difficult, cantankerous people who treat the board of directors, managers and residents with disrespect, derision and sometimes even contempt.  These individuals believe they are always right and that they can always do a better job than those in charge.

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Thank You!

I would like to thank Community Association Management for the fine job this past year.  We had our annual meeting and our Property Manager did an excellent job covering the meeting. As I told the new board and the members present, I feel my finest achievement this past year was to bring your organization on...

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MD: State: Group meeting may be closed to the public

In response to a complaint by Ocean Pines resident Joe Reynolds, the consumer protection division of the Attorney General’s Office said the Facilities Planning Group created by OPA General Manager Bob Thompson was not a board committee, and therefore was not governed by open meeting rules.

Authors: Community Associations Network National

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License to Manage

Manager LicensingThe rapid growth in community associations in the past decade has prompted equally dramatic increases in the number of people entering the management field.  Some are more qualified than others.

Some take classes and pass certification exams to help them guide the communities they manage. But not every person applying for a manager’s position does that.

In fact, most states have no basic requirement for individuals who decide to become community managers.  A recent spate of high-profile embezzlement cases has attracted the attention of state legislators, who are struggling to ensure that community managers have at least a basic knowledge of their responsibilities.

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