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Duty to Call

A board’s reluctance to contact an attorney could be a risk not worth taking.

A Fort Lauderdale condominium association paid $100,000.00 to settle a lawsuit after an attorney-board member who wasn’t licensed in Florida wrongly insisted how overdue assessments should be collected.

Board members of a California condominium association didn’t consult...

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License to Manage

Manager LicensingThe rapid growth in community associations in the past decade has prompted equally dramatic increases in the number of people entering the management field.  Some are more qualified than others.

Some take classes and pass certification exams to help them guide the communities they manage. But not every person applying for a manager’s position does that.

In fact, most states have no basic requirement for individuals who decide to become community managers.  A recent spate of high-profile embezzlement cases has attracted the attention of state legislators, who are struggling to ensure that community managers have at least a basic knowledge of their responsibilities.

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How do LEDs Compare to CFLs?

Light-emitting-diode (LED) technology is advancing rapidly and has become a viable option for some specific applications in institutional and commercial buildings. Maintenance and engineering managers also are considering LEDs for installation in exterior applications and in parking garages.

What has changed? In the past few years, the color quality, efficiency, and reliability of LEDs have improved significantly. Managers now have viable options for specifying LEDs, but they need to beware of poor-quality products on the market.

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