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NH: Handicapped sign stays down for months

News items of national interest regarding Condominium and Homeowner associations, compiled by the Community Associations Network

So, after months of waiting for managers of the East Ridge Condominiums to replace the sign, which he said he accidentally knocked over in the fall, Lemmon – who uses crutches to get around because of a lifelong leg condition – took the matter into his own hands, re-posting the sign Friday with the help of a family member.
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Five Questions for The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

In December, Federal Housing Administration approval of condominiums began to expire.  FHA approved mortgages account for an estimated 40 percent of financing in condominiums.  Without FHA approval, owners may have a hard time selling their units.  HUD is administering the new approval process and insurance requirements, which are set forth by Mortgagee Letter 2009-46 B.


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