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Legislative Update – NC HB 165

As many of you are aware, a Committee in the North Carolina House of Representatives is requesting passage of HB 165 which would impose far reaching restrictions and regulations on North Carolina homeowners associations and the Executive Boards that govern them.  The bill has been referred to the Judiciary Subcommittee A for consideration by its members and a recommendation to the floor of the House of Representatives.  We expect the Committee may be taking action on the bill within the next 7 days.  It is urgent that all those who are concerned and opposed to the further regulation and restriction of Homeowners Associations let their voices be heard now.  While it is important for them to hear the concerns of managers and attorneys, it is also very important that they hear from the men and women who serve as directors of associations.


We are writing to let you know that HB 165 is under consideration and to urge you to contact members of the House of Representatives to express your concerns and opposition to the further regulations and restrictions on North Carolina Community Associations.  Opposition has already been expressed by North Carolina realtors, home builders, and by the North Carolina Bar Association, who believe the bill goes too far by seeking to impose comprehensive regulations and restrictions on Associations in an attempt to deal with random incidents of inappropriate action by associations and boards which can be adequately addressed under existing law.


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