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‘Parking’ What’s the big deal?

There’s been a lot of talk about parking on the streets lately, so what’s the big deal? Imagine someone has broken into your home, you’re afraid, alone, and waiting for the police to arrive. Tonight, EVERYONE has decided to park their vehicles on the street, not only on your side of the street, but both sides of the street. The police are coming but it takes them a few more minutes to get to your home because they have to navigate around the cars.

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Car Trouble

Are parking problems causing your residents to erupt in road rage? Maybe you need to review your rules.

It’s the dead of night.  Suddenly, the silence is shattered by shouts and the sounds of running feet.  Is it a robbery? A drive-by shooting? No. It’s a confrontation between a resident a tow truck driver.

Many association leaders know all too well that conflicts over parking spaces can elicit strong emotional responses, resulting in keyed paint, flattened tires, spray-painted graffiti on the board president’s car, angry phone and e-mail messages and sometimes even physical altercations.

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