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FHA Approval Twists for HOAs: Discussion Forum Follow-Up

A reader writes, “We have been notified that we must apply for FHA approval to provide reverse mortgages for our homeowners. We’ve had FHA approval since 1978. However, we must now begin the process all over. Our master deed contains a ‘right of first refusal’ covenant, which, according to our lender, FHA won’t approve. Has anyone encountered this…

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Condo Board Special…

Condo Board Special: A Lawyer Tells All About Your Governing Documents

Maybe you’ve been on a co-op board. Maybe you’ve never been a board at all. And maybe you just need a refresher. Because one thing’s or sure: Being a condo board member, under condominium governing documents, is way different than being a co-op- board member working under a proprietary lease. What do condo board members need to know? Glad you asked….

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