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Two-family rental may violate codes

Q: Last year our HOA’s rental policy was challenged by a developer. We had previously not allowed rentals. After a new vote, property owners are now allowed to rent their properties. However, our restrictive covenants clearly state that homes are for single-family use only. There is a home in our community which has multiple levels and was marketed by a Realtor last year as having multi-family capability. Citing our restrictions, our board asked him not to market the house as multi-family. The house was recently sold and the new owner intends to rent the home. During a conversation with me he stated that he intended to rent the downstairs and occupy the upstairs himself. Our board feels this is a violation of the restrictive covenants. What recourse does our board have? You indicate that your CCRs (covenants, conditions and restrictions) restrict homes to “single-family” use. Is the term “single-family” defined in your CCRs?

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