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Policies, Procedures, Rules, Regulations, and Resolutions: What’s the Difference??

You’ve, no doubt, heard the terms “policies, procedures, rules, regulations” and “resolutions” used many times in the industry.  But have you ever wondered what all these different terms mean and whether there is a difference as to which term you use?  Despite popular belief, there are subtle differences in these terms, which are outlined in the below checklist.  As you will see from the checklist, there are also several similarities between and overlap of the terms.

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Policy for Collecting Delinquent Dues

Collecting Delinquent AssessmentsIt is a rare condominium or homeowner association that has yet to face the challenge of the pecuniary consequences of delinquent assessments.

Prior to the economic downturn that began in 2008, there were many portfolio managers, myself included, who managed associations that had never experienced the financially crippling effects of numerous delinquencies. Because they were so rare and infrequent, there was a tendency toward leniency and inconsistency, and legal action was rare.

But when your neighbors cannot pay their association dues, the balance radically shifts and those who can pay must pay extra just to keep the grass mowed, refuse removed and roofs from leaking. In harder hit associations, reserves are compromised to fund basic monthly operating costs.

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