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FORECLOSURE as a last resort

Nobody wants to foreclose on a home – not a mortgage banker and certainly not a community association.  Countless Americans lose their homes when lending institutions are unable to collect mortgage payments.  In a perfect world, no one would ever face foreclosure – for any reason.

That’s why foreclosure should always be used as a last resort, applied only when the association has exhausted all other collection options, and only when a homeowner refuses to remedy a significant debt to the association.

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WV rescuers praised for response to CO poisoning

News items of national interest regarding Condominium and Homeowner associations, compiled by the Community Associations Network

Shavers Fork Fire and Rescue received a call about 9 a.m. Sunday about a female employee in the condo building experiencing chest pains. While rescue workers were evacuating that patient, a Snowshoe Resort public safety officer discovered another ill employee in a nearby stairwell who quickly lost consciousness.
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