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Keeping the Peace

We have all been to one of those meetings – the ones where the association is facing a controversial issue with strong emotions on each side.  The board and manager are usually anxious about how to handle the meeting, the competing arguments, and the emotions in the room.  This can be a difficult role for the person chairing the meeting, especially if that person is (or is perceived to be) on one side or the other. So, what is the board or manager to do?

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CA: Covenant formed to protect Ranch still in place

In the early 1920s, Rancho Santa Fe was promoted as a place with all the urban conveniences, plus rural freedom, rich in romantic heritage of Spain, with room to grow families and orchards of fruit, with protective restrictions on architecture and landscaping as in the most exclusive metropolitan neighborhoods

Authors: Community Associations…

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SC Open Meeting Law

The issue of whether South Carolina HOAs (with respect to Board Meetings) are subject to the “open meeting law” is an often-asked question.  Following is an opinion on the issue, along with advice provided by one of our Chapter’s prominent HOA attorneys:

South Carolina does not have a statute which addresses Homeowner Associations of single family lots.  There is a statute which addresses condominiums known as the Horizontal! Property Regime Act References are made in this Act to the to the contents of the Bylaws as to the administration of condo regimes but they are broad and genera! statements without much detail The subject of “open meetings” is not addressed.

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CA: Director resigns, calls HOA’s lawsuit too costly

News items of national interest regarding Condominium and Homeowner associations, compiled by the Community Associations Network

A director on the Third Laguna Hills Mutual board unexpectedly announced his resignation Tuesday and told a nearly full meeting room of residents the board’s decision to file a lawsuit against property manager PCM would be too costly for the community.
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