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Meeting Moment–Amending Minutes

The first action item on most owners’ meeting agendas is approving the minutes of the last owners’ meeting.  Let’s say that -- as usual -- you have an ambitious agenda, with many action items and a limited time in which to get through them all.  But when the secretary moves to approve last year’s...

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Meeting Moment – Using Neutrals

Often some of the most challenging questions a chair must handle during an annual meeting come from members of the “opposition” who don’t believe the board is being fair to them, and who are afraid their rights will be violated by something that happens at a meeting.  When owners take this type of concern to an extreme, they may appear to be conspiracy theorists, convinced that the board and manager are conspiring to deprive them of their rights.  

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Meeting Moment – Annual Meetings

Annual meeting time is just around the corner.  For board presidents who don’t have much experience moderating meetings, that annual meeting can be the most intimidating thing on your calendar.  Well, maybe the MOST intimidating thing is the idea of moderating that annual meeting with “Mrs. Jones”, a formidable retiree who’s a stickler for proper procedure, sitting front and center as she does every year.  She likes to make motions, objections, and often ties the meeting up in knots.

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