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Mediation isn’t as easy as clicking your heels, but it can be a magical way to resolve disputes

We’re Off to see the Wizard

by:Elizabeth A. Tippin

There’s no place like home!

There’s no place like home!

Unless, of course, your home is the source of an unresolved dispute. And condominium and homeowner associations, because of close living conditions, restrictions, and shared property, see disputes on a daily basis. A resident violates the rules by parking his boat in the community parking lot. Someone hangs laundry in their backyard or on balcony railings. Dogs hark, stereos blare, construction defects surface–a myriad of issues can create disputes. Special committees or board members can often resolve these conflicts. But when two sides cannot negotiate a solution, associations should turn to mediation. A mediator can quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively resolve a dispute, in a way that is lasting, educational, and productive. If Dorothy and the witch had consulted a mediator–and shared those red shoes–the witch might never have melted.

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