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Association Responsible for Sidewalk Snow/Ice Removal

Rivas v. Reade House Condominium Association, No. 101260/2006, N.Y. Supr. Ct., June 29, 2010

Risks and Liabilities: The court dismissed a personal injury claim against owners of a commercial condominium unit, finding that the condominium association was responsible for removing snow and ice from a sidewalk outside the tenant sports club where a woman slipped and fell.

In December 2005, Cheryl Rivas slipped and fell on snow and ice while walking on the sidewalk in front of the New York Sports Club located in Manhattan, N.Y.. The sports club is operated out of a condominium unit, owned by Greenwich Reade Associates and DG Associates, as tenants-in-common. The unit was part of a mixed-use building owned by Reade House Condominium Association.

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