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Meeting Moment – Using Neutrals

Often some of the most challenging questions a chair must handle during an annual meeting come from members of the “opposition” who don’t believe the board is being fair to them, and who are afraid their rights will be violated by something that happens at a meeting.  When owners take this type of concern to an extreme, they may appear to be conspiracy theorists, convinced that the board and manager are conspiring to deprive them of their rights.  

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Undoing a Bad HOA Management Agreement: Discussion Forum Follow-Up

A reader writes, “In 2008 our president signed us onto a contract with a management company. In 2010, a second president resigned and went into foreclosure, moving without a clue to the rest of the HOA. My boyfriend took over in November 2010, and it’s been heck since. We are in Washington, and the management company hides details of bids from us,…

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IN: Family outraged after HOA asks them to remove sign supporting U.S. Army

It has been 10 years since the war in Afghanistan started, and a Plainfield family thinks people are becoming desensitized. They posted a small sign of support in their yard for their son, who is in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army. They were asked to take it down by their homeowner’s association. Fox 59 is taking action to find out why.


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