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Our Staff

Back Row (Left to Right)

Chad Sevearance, Paul Tuckwiller, Zach Brimigion, Margie Thompkins, Tricia Curtis, Melinda Heideman, Bryan Zweier, Scott Henrique, Christine Breslin, Sue Tarleton, Chad Provost, Richard Parris

Front Row (Left to Right)

Martin Stinson, John Hart, Lee Grant, Staci Green, Annie Houston, Melissa...

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FHA Regulation Update

Community Association Institute Members Meet with FHA to Discuss Condominiums On January 7th 2011, a delegation of CAI members met with policymakers at the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), presenting the agency with practical difficulties condominium associations face when qualifying for FHA’s condominium mortgage insurance program. CAI’s member delegation focused on three problem areas that are preventing homeowners in many condominium associations from using FHA programs: 

Deed Restrictions on Investor-Owned Units & Owner Occupancy Requirements Lease Term Restrictions and Room Occupancy Limits Restrictions on Condominiums with Affordable Housing Units

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“Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.” ~ G.B. Stern

Long hours.  Difficult, unwanted projects. No pay or appreciation.  Sounds like being a board member, right?  Worse, it’s the life of a committee member – all the time and effort without the decision-making authority of being on the board.

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Style and Substance

Style and Substance Straight from Common Ground's creative director and editor, here are some quick tips for giving your newsletter form and function. DESIGN KEEP IT SIMPLE, LEGIBLE, AND ORDERLY.  Set up a grid to help you align columns of type and graphics.  A three-column grid is typical for most newsletters.  Set your copy in these columns and...
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