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To Appoint or not to Appoint

The Rules for Appointing Members to Your HOA Board of Directors

One of your home owners association board members has been removed or resigned. How should you appoint a replacement, and what aspects of the process must be public or at least disclosed to members? Here’s the lowdown.

Look for Procedural Guidance

Say it with us: Check your governing documents and state law before you make any moves.

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HOA Bank Sold to PNC

Pittsburgh-based PNC bank buys RBC for $3.45 billion

In a move sure to negatively affect Homeowners Associations, Condominium Associations and Property Owner Associations and the professional association management companies who use their services, Pittsburgh-based PNC Financial Services Group is buying Raleigh-based RBC Bank in a deal worth $3.45 billion.  The deal was announced early Monday after media reports over the weekend said PNC Financial had topped Winston-Salem based BB&T in the bidding for RBC.     

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NC Legislative Update

There has been action since last week on HB 165 and HB 183, so I wanted to give an update.  The current language of the bills is now available and attached (one minor wording change to HB 165 was made today which is not included).

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