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Shutting Down Frequent, Unruly HOA Guests

Maybe one of your residents is dating someone who’s so loud that the neighbors are complaining. Or maybe a regular guest consistently parks in owners’ approved spots. Or maybe you have a problem like that of an association client of Kristen L. Rosenbeck, a partner at the Mulcahy Law Firm PC in Phoenix. “I represent a high-rise association that’s…

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New guidelines in place for FHA-backed condo loans

Michael HunterMany homes today are purchased using FHA-backed mortgage loans. One recent estimate is that at least 30 percent of condo purchases are made with such loans.

To qualify for FHA-backed loans, condominium projects must be approved by the FHA based upon specific guidelines. Those guidelines have been in flux for many months, and the FHA just issued comprehensive new guidelines June 30. Some of the notable provisions:

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Get input before you start changing the parking rules

(Michael Hunter) Q. For more than 10 years, one resident of our condo complex has parked his company-owned three-axle vehicle in the parking lot at nights and on weekends. Now another resident is parking a three-axle vehicle on premises. Suddenly, a few of our residents are up in arms about three-axle vehicles. After so many years of allowing such…

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