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You can place restrictions on renting units, but you might want to try some other strategies first.

When community associations start discussing what they should do about renters, it is often because of a horror story. In the last several years, I have helped associations deal with renters whose alleged activities have included loud parties; fights and disturbances; child abuse; strange people coming and going at all hours of the day and night; drug dealing; prostitution (both male and female); car break-ins and apartment burglaries; vandalism and other abuses of property; harassment and assault of managers, board members, owners, and other tenants; and every other conceivable social ill. While these kinds of activities sometimes involve owners, usually the perception is that renters are problems.

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How does your HOA measure up?

A good HOA should not only take care of what is visible, i.e. what is on the surface, but more than anything, a good HOA should ensure that everything in the property under its care is working properly. It is dangerous to have something that look good only on the surface but fall apart from the inside.

There are myriad of things that HOA should oversee. From landscaping to the building signs, everything must work properly to avoid possible hazard.

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Benefits of a Self-Managed HOA

Self-managed HOA’s are becoming more prevalent among community organizations due to the power inherent in their structure. Using a self-managed HOA as opposed to more traditional HOA arrangements can lower the operational costs of a homeowner’s association board and staff while lending more authority to the voices of the community residents. A self-managed HOA can handle all of the responsibilities from property management to legal issues, keeping items transparent and accessible to necessary personnel within the community and the standing homeowner’s association. The benefits of a self-managed HOA differ from those of a traditional arrangement in a number of ways, most of which are to the advantage of the budget and the community awareness of HOA policies and procedures.

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