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Reserve Funds


One of the primary business duties of community associations is maintaining and preserving property values of homes and the common property.  To do this properly, associations must develop funding plans for future repair or replacement of major common area components, such as roofs, boilers, elevators, swimming pools, balconies, asphalt surfaces and decks.

An association has several funding options, including periodic assessments over the life of assets, special assessments at the time of replacement, borrowing funds when needed, a combination of the above or the most common method – and in many states the only lawful alternative: setting aside funds in a special category commonly called reserve funds.

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Say What?

How to counter negative responses to covenants enforcement.

Architectural Control and the potential for conflict due to covenants enforcement exist at every association.  Even though communities have their own rules, personalities and histories, unhappy residents often complain in universal, predictable terms.

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