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TX: Appeals court affirms conviction of constable who destroyed HOA property

Jannereth, 71, was convicted in February 2010 after the Bar VK Air Ranch Estates homeowners association complained to the Denton County Sheriffs Office that he twice tore down a barricade it put up to keep unauthorized visitors from driving large vehicles onto the private lake area on the property.

Authors: Community Associations Network National

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Get input before you start changing the parking rules

Michael HunterQ. For more than 10 years, one resident of our condo complex has parked his company-owned three-axle vehicle in the parking lot at nights and on weekends. Now another resident is parking a three-axle vehicle on premises. Suddenly, a few of our residents are up in arms about three-axle vehicles. After so many years of allowing such vehicles to be parked, what would be the possible repercussions of amending our rules to ban the parking of these vehicles?

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IL: Suburban residents face flood-damaged homes

Meanwhile, in neighboring Palatine, two large condo complexes just off of Route 53 and Rand Road were left largely under water when their ponds overflowed. Dozens of vehicles were flooded, as well as many first floor units. Residents scrambled to get what they could of their possessions off the floor, but for many, furniture, carpets and…

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