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Volunteer Labor


Save money.  Build community.  Use volunteers. But consider the risks and shortcomings first.

A kindly retired neighbor crafted a small wood shelter for the children who shivered in the Colorado elements as they waiting for the school bus each morning.  A grateful association board thought it would be a good idea to make sure the man was insured in case something went wrong.  The insurance agent said, “Whoa.”

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Legislators hear both views of HOA boards

Last year, the N.C. legislature appointed the House Select Committee assigned to gather input from the public and recommend changes to laws that affect HOAs. The committee held several public hearings last year, and we saw some legislation passed – House Bill 165, which I discussed in my Aug. 19 column found here: bit.ly/pPRA4K.

The committee held another public meeting again this week to seek input from homeowners on what changes, if any, are needed to the laws governing HOAs. Some 45 homeowners from across the state spoke at the meeting – some were board members, others were simply concerned homeowners.

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The Softer Side of Covenants Committees

Association committees are vital to any community association. The most important committee – so important that it is often the only committee required in an association’s governing documents – is the covenants committee.

While the covenants committee is very important, it is also the committee that most bears the brunt of wrath from homeowners, and sometimes legislatures and media, because it is charged with enforcing the rules and regulations . . . and most people do not like being told what they can and cannot do on THEIR property.

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