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Associations and Aging Owners

As the population ages, your home owner association will likely face new challenges. What should your HOA board know about maintaining elderly owners’ rights and privacy if they begin suffering from dementia, physical incapacitation, or inadequate support while preserving the rights of those owners’ neighbors? Here, we provide guidance to help you begin addressing the age–old questions you’ll face.

Does your HOA have a role in addressing challenges that arise from an aging population? “Absolutely,” says Elizabeth White, a shareholder and head of the community associations practice at the law firm of LeClairRyan in Williamsburg, Va., who recently spoke at an industry event on the issue. “We’re starting to experience the issues related to an aging population. Baby boomers are turning 65 at enormous rate—as of Jan. 1, 2011, 10,000 people in this country are turning 65 every day.”

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NY: Towers Built for Poor Hear the Call of the Condo

News items of national interest regarding Condominium and Homeowner associations, compiled by the Community Associations Network

For generations of space-starved New Yorkers, Cobble Hill Towers has been an affordable oasis. More than 130 years ago, its architect, Alfred Tredway White, designed its nine low-rise, red-brick buildings to demonstrate that housing for the poor could be both humane and economically feasible.
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Newsletters – Regular, Relational, Readable & Right

Newsletters are an important communications vehicle for communities, but they can be difficult for many neighborhood associations to produce consistently.  Newsletters take time and effort.  When done correctly, however, they can be a wonderful way to keep residents informed and to build a stronger sense of community.  Here are some tips on how to create and use newsletters to their fullest potential.  To be effective newsletters must accomplish the 4 “R’s” – Regular, Relational, Readable & Right.

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Beware Conflicts When You Hire Board Members’ Companies–Part 2

When you recruit people to serve on your HOA board, experts recommend that you look for people–like lawyers and insurance brokers–with expertise that can help you make good decisions.

Can you take that concept a step further and hire those board members or their companies when your association needs help? For example, if one of your board members is an association attorney, can you hire that board member’s firm to represent your association in a legal matter? What about hiring a board member who’s a CPA to file your association’s tax returns?

In this two-article series, we provide a rundown. In Part 1, we discussed the hoops you must go through to hire board members and their companies. Here in Part 2, we discuss whether those hoops are worth the effort.Should You Hire Board Members?

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