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Volunteer Labor


Save money.  Build community.  Use volunteers. But consider the risks and shortcomings first.

A kindly retired neighbor crafted a small wood shelter for the children who shivered in the Colorado elements as they waiting for the school bus each morning.  A grateful association board thought it would be a good idea to make sure the man was insured in case something went wrong.  The insurance agent said, “Whoa.”

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8 HOA Coverages to Consider

Your homeowners association must have insurance, but it doesn’t have to waste money on coverage it doesn’t need. In Part 1 of this two-part series, we explained how to determine what coverages your HOAs must have, how to determine the value of the property you must insure, and extra coverages to consider. Here, in part 2, we explain eight coverages your HOA should have, including some that aren’t standard but that your association should consider. 

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