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HOA Accounting Solutions with Community Association Management

HOA Accounting Services

Whether your HOA community has a handful of units or hundreds of them, it’s critical to have organized and efficient financial services. How you manage your accounting duties—from billing and collections to full financial reporting—can make or break your community’s longevity, reputation, and solvency.

At Community Association Management, we give our clients the tools they need to be confident and in control of their financial reporting and accounting. We help you save time without cutting corners, so you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your finances are in order and compliant with state and federal laws.

And, better yet, we do it on your terms. That means we won’t box you into a larger solution like some of our competitors. If you don’t need everything in our Partner Plus™ or eManageSuite™, we won’t make you purchase them just to get the accounting support you do need. Instead, you can select accounting services that include:

  • Complete association financial reporting
  • Convenient homeowner payment options
  • Monthly billing and accounts receivable services

Complete Association Financial Reporting

We’ve spent years innovating our HOA management services to fit seamlessly with any board’s workflow. Because no two boards are the same, we’ve tailored our financial reporting services so they can be customized to each community’s style and needs. Our HOA accounting services include everything you need to handle your financials without the extra services you’re not interested in. From facilitating the CPA annual review process to helping with tax return preparation, our services streamline your financial services. 

Best of all? You’ll get clear, easy-to-read, reports and we’ll provide all the tools necessary for your association board members to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities.

Convenient Homeowner Payment Options

Make it easy for your association members to stay current with dues and assessments. With our services, you can provide members with convenient payment options: auto pay, direct debit, eCheck, and online credit card processing. 

It all happens online. We’ll develop a secure, full-featured website for your community that gives homeowners the ability to pay dues, view account balances, submit Architectural Requests, and even create and track work orders online. We use industry-leading technology to automatically debit monthly assessments, backed by the security of the National Automated Clearing House (NACHA). And, just for board members, your website will include a special Board Member Portal that offers a real-time look at the community’s financial reports.

Monthly Billing and Accounts Receivable

Billing and accounts receivable are among the most essential HOA management services we offer. But, while essential, collecting dues is rarely the best part of serving on an association’s board. It can be a tedious, thankless task.

We’re here to make that easier for you and the rest of your board. We work alongside our clients to ensure their communities’ work remains seamless, even while managing industry challenges such as overdue assessments and collections. We’ll reduce your account receivables balance through timely monthly homeowner billing statements, lockbox services, legal collections (liens and foreclosures), and on-demand balance inquiries and homeowner history reports. No matter what you need in this area, we’ll handle it for you.

Reliable Accounting Solutions at Your Fingertips

Community Association Management is a premier HOA management company in Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, and other communities across North Carolina and South Carolina. We help HOAs, POAs, amenity associations, and business associations run efficiently and by providing customizable and comprehensive community association management services. From simple tasks to complex collections, we’re here to support you. Contact Community Association Management today at 888-565-1226 to speak with one of our team members.